Parallel Universe

Parallel universe game is located in the underground complex and only possibility how to access it is by stairs. There is darkness in game room. If you are worried, please do not be affraid to ask about all limitations. A bicycle or stroller can be placed in our premises.

The biggest escape game in this part of the universe had been created by the veterinarian, space engineer for the European Space Agency and psychologist. For you and your kids, we have created a space where you can test your creativity, the ability to cooperate, and you also get a dose of adrenaline. We wanted to create a game that is exciting, but not horror.

In the creation of the Parallel Universe, we were slightly inspired by the book Intermediate from one of the most famous sci-fi and fantasy authors Neil Gaiman.

According to some physical theories, it is likely that our universe is only one of many. There are a myriad of parallel ones that are more or less similar to ours. Some have gone the way of technology, another way of magic. Our Earth is somewhere in the middle. We are building rockets, power stations and machines and at the same time most people believe in angels, ghosts and magic.

In the not too far-fetched future, it may be up to which of these principles will take hold of our reality.

In all universes, there are only two essential facts that matter – time and energy. The reality of the Earth, which will have more energy and time at the decisive time, will survive.

We do not look for supermans or bulky muscles. If you’re creative, you can work together and use your brain not only to turn on TV and order pizza, you may be our man. At the Brno underground complex, choose one of our two training tours.

A magic path or a technique – or will you try both?

What’s waiting for you?

There are eight rooms in every universe, and at the end of them the Hall of Truth – a battle with time and a parallel reality. Lasers, sensors and technical upsets, or magical mechanisms, are in each room. Everywhere around you looks like this, but there are also worrying details …

Magie 1 Magie 2 Magie 3 Magie 4 Magie 5 Magie 6 Magie 7 Magie 8 Magie 9 Technika 1 Technika 2 technika 3 Technika 4 Technika 5 Technika 6 Technika 7 Technika 8 Technika 9

The reality of the team, which will have more time and more fuel for the end, will continue. But only in the case of revenge, when both teams pass through both realms, it will be shown which of the parallel worlds will be the winner.

Mode Difficulty No. of playes: Time: Price:
MAGIC hard (you have to think,
40 % finish without hint)
3-6 66 minutes 1490 CZK
TECHNICAL medium (you also has to think,
60 % finish without hint)
2-6 66 minutes 1490 CZK
UNIVERSE FIGHT medium 5-12 66 minutes 2790 CZK
REVENGE medium 5-12 150 minutes 4490 CZK


  • Technical / Magic = one group of 2-6 persons in one part of game – Technical or Magic,
  • Universe fight = group of 5-12 persons split into two groups, one playing Magic, one playing Technical, they are supposed to meet in the middle room,
  • Revenge= group of 5-12 persons split into two groups, one is playing Magic, second Technical and then they switch.

Recommended minimal age: 10 years