Bunkr 13

The world has changed. You’ve already forgotten why, but a network of bunkers is now your home. After realizing that BUNKER 13 fell silent recently, you and your team are sent out to discover why this has happened…

However, troubles occurred after you entered the bunker. Outside door won’t open anymore, the control panel is reporting an error and dosimeter is ticking disturbingly… Time is flying relentlessly fast. Will you manage to untangle the mystery, handle the radiation leakage and escape within 75 minutes?

Difficulty: hard (you really need to think hard to find the solution)

Number of participants: 3 – 8 (two are possible, but not recommended)
Length: 75 minutes
Recommended minimal age: 14 years

1490 CZK (3-5 people)
1790 CZK (6-8 people)

Recommended minimal age: 12 years

This game is not suitable for people with limited physical abilities and/or difficulties with spatial navigation.